1. Photograph by Gazamon

  2. Photograph by Gazamon

  3. Photograph by Gazamon

  4. Photograph by Gazamon

  5. Photograph by Gazamon

  6. Photograph by Gazamon

  7. Photograph by Gazamon

  8. Photograph by Gazamon


  9. calmbeforeaction asked: Your Jaye Rose pictures are the best. More please.

    I’ll see what I can do.

  10. Photograph by Gazamon


  11. chriscreationphotography asked: Love your photography. I hope to one day be at your level.

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the message and the very kind compliment. You have some cracking images on your port.

    All the best



  12. rainisgod asked: so do you fuck any of these beautiful bitches too?

    Do your parents know you’re on the internet?


  13. stones38 asked: Hi Gazamon - who is the curvy model standing against a pink wall? Your photograph of her is beautiful - I am now following your work because of that photo and I'd like to see more of her modeling. Thanks!

    Hi, I’m glad you like it. I’ll post some more soon.


  14. hmmmlegs asked: Very beautiful photography. I'm a man in Berlin and would love you to do some portraits of me. London is to far for me. Let me know when you are in Berlin some time. Keep doing the good stuff! cheers A.

    Hi, I’ll keep you in mind if I’m ever over your way. I’m glad you like my work. And please get in touch if your travel plans bring you to London.

    All the best


  15. Photograph by Gazamon